Science Of Hinduism And Western Scholars

The world Hinduism represents religion and philosophy,which originated in is one of those religions that constitute 16% of the world’s…..

The Significance Of Four"Divine Nights"

Astrology is referred to as a divine science, which depends upon constellations, sun signs and the position of the plants…  

Karma Kanda & The Essential Forms Of Puja

In the Vendas,there are 3 types of kandas viz. Karma kanda,jnana kanda and upasana kanda.Out of which,todaywe are going to discus…


Astrology is a celestial science.its a part of ‘Vedaang'(part of veda’s).The organization principle behind astrology is that….


It was during greek period that the 12 star signs of zodiac with which many people are likely familiar today – Aries (March21-April19)…

12 House

There are 12 Houses in a horoscope which are divided into 30 degree for each house(cummulatively making up 360 degree)….

Graha (Planets) And Aspects Of Their Governance

Surya is the soul of all (Aatman).Chandrama is the mind (Man-o-gati).Mangal is one’s strength(bestower of power….

Shri Durga Shaptshati

Devi Durga is known as Goddess of Power. Her presence is all pervading. She is the souce of all creation,righteousness and she is the….

Vastu Shastra

We human beins are always surrounded by vibration of energy around us.considering this fact,most of us spend our time in a building….

A Holistic Approach Towards Attaining a Healthy Lifestyle In Connection With Solar Plexus

with the years passing by our appoach towars life is changing drastically,where now we are packed in the hustle and bustle of life..

Everything You Need To know About Kundalini

What is Kundalini?Well,is is the representation of the consciousness of mankind.Furthermore,it is the name of a sleeping dormant potential…..

Kaal Sharp Yoga

Kaal Sharp Yoga is not mentioned about in our classical Astrological texts, at least it is not in the major 15 standard texts. Hence, not many astrologers know about it, let alone accept it….

Pitra Dosh

It is a very common term in astrology yet not many people have the knowledge about it or have their concept clear about ‘Pitra Dosh’…..

Pitra Paksh

The following period of 15 days is called Pitra Paksh, dedicated to our Pitras. Pitra Paksh is to perform rituals for our ancestors to get their blessings


A lunar day is known as a Tithi, holds a fascinating connection between the celestial bodies of the Sun and the Moon.A lunar day is known as a …..

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