The Person

Just like any other youth of Bharat, I too had a bunch of unclear dreams and blurred vision of my goals. After graduating in Political Science (Honours) and Public administration; all I had was undying learning attitude to hold onto.

The Starting Point

With innate spiritual longing and the inquisitiveness to know the cosmic algorithm, destiny made me meet with a genius Dr. M N Jha, the gold medalist Astrologer from Jharkhand. The seed of Astrology was shown by Dr. Jha after that never had to look back. The real fine tuning in Jyotish happened in the hand of Sharmistha Dhas, who taught me how to have a grip in prediction by various methods of astrology like Nadi, KP, Jaimini and many more; also by the various tools of astrology like Kot Chakra, SBC, Amshas, house activation and many more. Her one rule was a life time lesson for me in Jyotish – “Talk less, but talk precise.”

The Brand – Jupiter Treasure

The fascinating predictive part of astrology made me realize how this ancient knowledge can be used for Inner Engineering of our lives. This created the urge to help people and doing something good for the society. That’s when ‘Jupiter Treasure’ was born – A Gem stone trading platform. As the name of the firm, it provides the true scientific knowledge behind all precious and semi-precious gemstones. Maximum people of India are getting mislead by the Astrological solution of their problems and Gem stone comes as the cherry on the top. I am on a mission to spread the true knowledge about
Gemstone and remedy that I am blessed in this life to remove the unsavoury of Jyotish in people’s mind.

My Views On Astrology

This Parampara knowledge must need a Guru to have a hold on the subject. I am blessed to have a Spiritual Guru from Gaya. He is the stalwart of spiritual world who showered his blessings quite early age of my life. Jyotish, Vedanta, Mantra and Adhyatmic practices are so inter linked, no way one can go much ahead without the direction a proper Guru. All the mystery of Chakras, Kundalini, diverse worshipping of Shakti, everything I got to know from my Guru while staying in his Ashram in Gaya. It’s an ocean, where one life is not enough to swim through, but the guidance of Guru will never let you distract.

How Astrology Works

Jyotish is a tool to guide the life better way rather predicting every small big things of life. As I find this as an amazing inner engineering tool. It’s a mystic science as it works on the basis of our past and present Karma. So no fixed rule works on Astrology. Astrology gives us the clue where to work most in our life, it teaches us to accept the life and to be content. Best part of Vedic Jyotish is that, one can use this tool in every perspective of life – whether it’s your career, spiritual progress or progeny. But the best use of Astrology is when we learn how to balance our Karma through it. Vedic Jyotish is a preventive too.

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