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Frequently Asked Questions

Within 2 days of booking consultation, you will be getting the response from the team asking about suitable date and time for consultation. As per both side convenient date and time, consultation will be done.
Few Karm’s are fixed and no remedy works on those Karmas. Few Karma result (Good or bad) we need to go through in this world. On few Adrida karma Remedy works best, assessing all the karmic factors I definitely suggest remedy to bring some positive result.
No one, other than lord Brhama can see the future. Even if an astrologer is having 70% accuracy level that is no less. Every astrologer will say he or she is the best. Only return clients say how accurate is the prediction.
I conduct consultation via phone or zoom, as per the choice of people, where you can record entire consultation session for the future reference as well.
To deliver better accuracy, along with Parashari, KP, Jaimini and Nadi systems are thoroughly used.
As the consultations are topic based, one can ask unlimited questions on that topic within the time limit of consultation.
Within 6months of consultation, one can ask 2 follow up questions on the topic they had consultation. After 6 months one needs to book the consultation again.
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