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Judgment Of Houses In – Horoscope

There are 12 Houses in a horoscope which are divided into 30 degree for each house (cumulatively making up 360 degrees.) Each house has different indications, significance and predictions. The individual attributes of these 12 houses are listed below –

Significance Of 1st House

Physical body (physique), appearance, head, intelligence, strength, energy, success, nature of birth, aura, intellect (or the organ of intelligence, i.e. brain), complexion of the body, vigor, weakness, happiness, grief and innate nature are all to be guessed through the ascending Rashi.

Significance Of 2nd House

Wealth, assets (physical assets), family, speech verbal communication capabilities of an individual, eyes, teeth, face, voice, food grains (food etc.), accidental death, metals, precious stones etc.

Significance Of 3rd House

Valor, younger siblings, confidants, courage, mental strength, communication skills, creativity, throat, ears, servants, brothers, sisters etc., initiatory instructions (Upadesha), will power, inner strength, command, journey and bonding with siblings.

Significance Of 4th House

Significance Of 4th House

Conveyances, mother and maternal relatives, relation with mother, vehicles, liquid assets or money, house, lands, immovable property, motherland, childhood, wealth from real-estate, happiness, comforts, pleasures, peace, state of mind, heart. Mind, concentration, pitituary gland (ajna chakra), Chandra nadi, emotions, happiness, treasure, lands and buildings.

Significance Of 5th House

Sacred spells, learning (learned), knowledge, sons, fame, social reputation, educational qualifications, ojas, vitality, brilliancy, Children, good deeds of previous lives, intelligence, knowledge & scholarship, devotion, prayers (mantras), digestive system, Sushmana nadi, authority/power, social lifestyle, love, affection, judgment, speculation, royalty (or authority), fall of position etc.

Significance Of 6th House

Maternal uncle, Enemies, service, servants, relatives, mental tension, injuries, health, diseases, agriculture, accidents, mental affliction, mother’s younger brother, hips, doubts and fears, enemies, ulcers, career feild, suitable fields for career, step-mother.

Significance Of 7th House

Work places and work related travels, Marriage, marital life, life partner, Intimacy in relationships, affairs, passion, long journeys, buisness partners, the portion of the body below the navel (private parts of the body), Mooladhara chakra, partnership, extramarital affairs, trade, loss of sight, wife’s family and her match (bonding) with you.

Significance Of 8th House

Longevity, debts, disease, defamation, inheritance, loss of friends, occult studies, evils, gifts, unearned wealth, windfall, disgrace, secrets, genitals, battle, enemies, forts, spiritual enlightment, wealth of the dead and things, that have happened and are to happen (in the past and future births).

Significance Of 9th House

Fortunes, wife’s brother, Father, teacher, boss, fortune, religiousness, spirituality, God, higher education & high knowledge, fortune in a foreign land, foreign trips, guru diksha (joining a religious order), grandchildren, principles, dharma, intuition, compassion, sympathy, leadership, charity, thighs, luck, faith in god, visits to shrines etc.

Significance Of 10th House

Royalty (authority), place, growth, profession, career, karma (action), conduct in society, fame, honors, awards/rewards, self-respect, dignity, knees, diversivication or expansion of work, profession (livelihood), honour, father, relation with father, paternal family, living in foreign lands and debts are to be understood from 10th House.

Significance Of 11th House

All articles, son’s wife, Elder siblings, Income, gains, realization of hopes, friends, ankles, income, prosperity.

Significance Of 12th House

Expenses, Losses, punishment, imprisonment, hospitalization, misfortune, bad habits, sleep, meditation, charity, secret enemies, left eye, feet, residence away from the place of birth, moksha (emancipation/liberation), tours and travel, propensity to travel abroad etc.

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