Kaal Sharp Yoga is not mentioned about in our classical Astrological texts, at least it is not in the major 15 standard texts. Hence, not many astrologers know about it, let alone accept it. During the 70s, when everything began to become commercialized, many practitioners of Vedic astrology in India started to find methods of commercializing astrology as well. However, numerous modern-day stalwarts did sufficient research to find out the effect of KSY factors exists and claim whether it is good or bad.

A true and full Kaal Sharp is formed only when the planets are in continuous (Next or together in sequence) constellations—the situation is worse only when planets are evenly distributed. From this formulation, it is eminent that to get a true Kaal Sharp Dosh is very rare. But some astrologers call it Kaal Sharp Dosh even if the Rahu-Ketu is in 3/9 axis and 2 planets are out of the Rahu-Ketu axis.

When someone mentions it, the fear of mishaps begins seeding into our minds. And this brings about the urgency for remedy to pacify your Rahu-Ketu. Ultimately, knocking at so many temples to perform Kaal Sharp Dosh puja! It is very sad to admit that it is a fear mongering process that sustains the livelihood of many astrologers and priests claiming to cure you of every ‘trouble’.

Numerous public figures around the world have this Rahu-Ketu grip in their horoscope yet it did not hinder their progress on the success stairs. Call it KSY or Rahu-Ketu grip, a person with strong grip on it also has the maximum free will towards life. So, it is quite safe to say that if channelized properly it can make a person and also break them if not done aptly. As Mr. K. N. Rao said too, if Lagna or Ascendant is out of Rahu-Ketu grip then this actually not KSY.

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